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20 Business Ideas You can Comfortably Start with N100,000 in Nigeria

Retirement Businesses in Nigeria

If one has 100,000 Naira in their possession, and wants to pump it into a business believe me, a lot of business ideas will come to his or her mind, which is it going to be? Continue reading to find out more.

The role of a business is to produce and distribute goods and services to satisfy a public need or demand. … Society does not exist without some form of an economy, and businesses are what make up the economic system of the world.

A business is an occupation or trade and the purchase and sale of products or services to make a profit. A business idea will not last if there is insufficient demand for whatever product or service that is contemplated.

Competitive strength ~ the business idea must be such that the venture can effectively compete with the current or potential competitors. The business idea creates sales and profit.

The following are popping business ideas you can start with 100k in 2022:

Sale of Foodstuff items

Food is a basic need. Virtually everybody has to eat at one point; this is why sale of foodstuff items is a great business with a lot of strategic Planning needed for it.

But with your budget, start small, then scale up. When it comes to starting a foodstuff business in Nigeria there is a list of foodstuffs you must sell; including rice, beans etc.

Business Ideas

Beer parlor

Go into this business and you’ll grab your share of the cash! A bottle of Gulder / Star cost about N250 in the bar and the wholesale price is about N200 per bottle. That means, every bottle of beer you sale, you’ll make N50 gain. Let’s assume you sale 300 bottles in a day, you’ll make N50 x 300 = N15,000!

Shawarma stand

Shawarma business is a very profitable business with a 60% profit margin. … Nigeria shawarma is a snack that is made with beef or chicken filling. It is now becoming a popular snack and oftentimes more preferred in eateries and bars. Like many other snacks shawarma is easy to prepare.

It will be a wise thing to get training on how to prepare a delicious shawarma, it will only take a few days. Also It is very important to site your shawarma business in a busy place.

Computer business center

Computer business centre is a lucrative business that requires patience time and devotion.

Laundry business

It is a very profitable low risk business anyone can do for profit. You can start small and grow.With the population of Nigeria growing bigger every year and most people getting very busy laundry business is very important.

Business Ideas: Laundry Business

Unisex hairdressing salon

Salons can earn an average profit margin of 8.2%, which is actually higher than the general business average of 7.7%. Of course, salons that are best managed can earn well above this average. A 10% profit margin is usually the minimum aim, though the better you can manage your salon finances, the higher this can be.

Mama put(buka) business

Restaurant business is one business that has been creating millionaires in Nigeria for decades. They will always be the need for places to eat out. … A good local restaurant make about N20,000 daily as pure profit. Multiply that by 30 and you will get N600,000.

Popcorn business

is one of the very lucrative business you can start with little amount of money and make it big with proper planning and good marketing.people process them in quantity and supply to them while they sell and make profit.

Agricultural business

You can start agriculture related business and earn handsome income out of that. … Moreover, agriculture is a very vast field which includes forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery too. The businesses related to agriculture are quite profitable and demanding but requires passion and dedication

Charging of electronics

This phone charging business is an everyday business, if one must close the shop for any reason then it mustn’t be for long. Selling recharge cards along with charging of phones, it will serve as an extra source of income.

Sale and repair of phones

An average cell phone repair business could net profits in the range of N50-65,000, with greater earning potential, as you continue to become more well-known and successful.

Zobo production

It is a very lucrative food drink business and you can make twice or more the amount invested in its production. To make more money try buying the raw materials in bulk

Make and Sell Customized Jewelries and Beads

Starting a jewelry business can be profitable as jewelry is not only bought and worn by female consumers of all ages, but also purchased by males to give as gifts

Business Ideas: WRIST WATCH

Tutoring services

Your earnings as a tutor depend on your education level, specialty, experience teaching, and the company you’re working for. In general, the pay for elementary subjects will be less than college or specialty topics

Perfume And Liquid Soap

It is also one of those businesses that one can set up with small capital.

Sales Of Bedsheet And Pillowcase

It is not difficult to start bedsheet business. Another way is to go to the market and select already sewn bedsheet then buy fabric materials and give to a tailor to sew pillow cases for you.

E-payments/POS Business (Agent Banking)

The POS business is very profitable in Nigeria. This is partly due to the lack of access to banks within rural communities and remote settlements. Once you have a good location and have built trust with the locals, you can be making as much as ₦7,000-₦10,000 Naira on average, daily.

Grilling Business

For a barbecue restaurant working an average of three business days per week at a regular location plus one day per weekend at an event, the earning potential could be around N100,000.

Football Viewing Centre

All in all, the viewing centre business, though a cyclical one dependent on the Football season in Europe, is a lucrative one if well run and managed.

Production of chin chin

As someone rightly put it, it is a business that is sure to give you 50% return on your investment.


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