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5 Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Business

Virtual top-up (VTU) Business in Nigeria

When used properly, social media may be a treasured addition to a department’s communications strategy. Because many personnel have expressed an interest in growing and preserving a social media presence in non-public and expert capacities, the Office of University Communications and Marketing has crafted the subsequent creation of social media. Please examine this assessment prior to growing your social media presence.

What is social media?

Social media is an internet-primarily based form of communication. Social media systems permit customers to have conversations, proportion facts, and create internet content. There are many styles of social media, consisting of blogs, micro-blogs, wikis, social networking sites, photo-sharing sites, instant messaging, video-sharing sites, podcasts, widgets, digital worlds, and extra.

What are the advantages of the use of social media?

Billions of humans around the world use social media to proportion facts and make connections. On a non-public level, social media allows you to speak with buddies and family, examine new things, expand your interests, and be entertained. At an expert level, you could use social media to increase your know-how in a specific discipline and construct your own expert community via means of connecting with different specialists in your industry. At the business enterprise level, social media lets you have communication with your target market, gain client feedback, and raise your brand.

Social media systems are structures for disseminating facts over the Internet to a specific organization of followers. Humans use social media platforms to post their daily activities, feedback, and images, as well as re-post information published by others.

A commercial enterprise In the time period, commercial enterprise refers to a company or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or expert sports. Businesses may be for-earning entities or they may be non-earning agencies that perform to meet a charitable project or, similarly, a social cause. Businesses vary in scale from sole proprietorships to global agencies and may vary in length from small to huge.

The time period of commercial enterprise can also be used to outline the efforts and sports of people to provide and promote items and offerings for earnings. Businesses regularly require commercial enterprise plans well before operations start. A marketing strategy is a proper report that outlines the business enterprise’s desires and targets. It additionally lists the techniques and approaches it plans to use to acquire those desires and targets needed to succeed. Business plans are nearly always vital when you need to borrow capital with the purpose of starting operations.

The majority of businesses are driven by the desire to make a profit.But that is not always a vital requirement of running a commercial enterprise. Some corporations have the intention of improving a positive cause. As such, those entities are known as “for-earnings corporations.” Organizations that are not earnings-primarily based are known as not-for-earnings or nonprofits. These entities may also perform as:

Charities,arts, culture, educational, and leisure enterprises,Political and advocacy groups,Organizations that provide social services.

The second definition of “commercial enterprise” refers to all the activities concerned with the sale and purchase of products and offerings. A business hobby can take place anywhere, whether it is in a physical storefront, online, or even on the side of the road.

Many businesses organize themselves around some kind of hierarchy or bureaucracy, in which positions in a business have specific roles and responsibilities.

They consists of:

Sole proprietorships: As the call suggests, a sole proprietorship is owned and operated by means of an unmarried herbal person. There isn’t any prison separation between the commercial enterprise and the owner because of this. The tax and prison liabilities of the commercial enterprise fall on the owner.

Partnerships: A partnership is a commercial enterprise among two or more people that are part of forces to conduct a commercial enterprise. Each accomplice contributes sources and cash to the commercial enterprise and stocks the earnings and losses of the commercial enterprise. The shared earnings and losses are recorded on every accomplice’s tax return.

Corporations: An agency is a commercial enterprise wherein a collection of humans acts collectively as an unmarried entity. Owners are typically known as shareholders who trade attention for the agency’s unusually priced stock. Incorporating a commercial enterprise releases proprietors from the economic legal responsibility of commercial enterprise obligations. The A agency comes with unfavourable taxation guidelines for the proprietors of commercial enterprises.

Limited legal responsibility companies (LLCs): A constrained legal responsibility business enterprise combines the pass-via taxation advantages of a partnership with the constrained legal responsibility advantages of an agency.

The five social media systems to sell your commercial enterprise consist of:


You can sell your commercial enterprise using YouTube. It is a completely amazing platform that enriches lives.

In 2021, YouTube’s user base in Nigeria will amount to about 5.29 million customers. The number of YouTube customers in Nigeria is projected to reach 11.89 million subscribers by the year 2025. User figures have been predicted via means of business enterprise filings, press releases, secondary research, app downloads, and site visitor data.


lets you earn cash with the help of IGTV Ads, branded content, badges, shopping, and affiliate marketing. But creators can also earn from subsidized content, fan membership, licensing the content they produce, and additionally, via various means of turning into consultants. It also has excessive engagement rates.


authentic stated motive is to make the arena extra open and related. Facebook’s contemporary project declaration is that humans use Facebook to stay connected with buddies and family, find out what is taking place inside the international community, and make explicit what topics are important to them.


The Nigerian authorities have lifted the suspension of Twitter’s operations inside the country, an authentic has been introduced. The authorities introduced the suspension of the social media platform in June 2021, after it deleted an arguable tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari. You can reach a much wider target market with the use of Twitter, as it has a huge user base that can consist of your potential customers. Using hashtags permits you to attain a target market inquisitive about a specific subject matter or in a specific location. Deliver client service: The platform lets you have direct-manner communication with your customers.


It might be amazing for you and your commercial enterprise to have a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn now has over 1 million Nigerian contributors. This is primarily based on an email that LinkedIn sent to its contributors in Nigeria last week, congratulating them for being a part of their first 1 million contributors within the country. LinkedIn is the arena’s biggest expert community on the internet. You can use LinkedIn to discover the proper activity or internship, join and give a boost to expert relationships, and examine the abilities you want to develop for your career.


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