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6 Benefits of Google My Business to Your Brand

Google My Business


Nowadays, starting your own business is an amazing experience but getting customers to purchase is where the work lies. This means that it’s not enough to run a business but getting people to trust you is what matters most.

That’s why creating GMB for your brand is important, to boost your chances of appearing on local searches, which in turn will bring the needed awareness and visibility.

In this post, we will consider the benefits of Google My Business to your brand.

So without wasting time, let’s dive in.

(P.S. In this post: GMB stands for Google means Google My Business)


Why Your Brand Needs to Have GMB

Understand that things are developing rapidly these days, and as a Nigerian business owner, you need to understand how important GMB is to your company.

The following statistics will show you why you need a GMB for your brand:

  • With the use of the internet, Nigerians learn about any company they want
  • We search for information on search engines, especially on Google
  • Most searches done by Nigerians have local intent. This means that they are done to know about a local brand or company
  • Many Nigerians use GMB to get the contact of any company they want

So GMB is what your company needs to boost the presence of your brand online, without using ads.


Benefits of GMB

Operating a Google My Business account

  1. Boost local SEO

To appear on local searches, GMB is what helps you achieve that. Customers can easily find the location of business without much stress.


So appearing in local search results will be determined on how optimized your GMB account is and if it’s verified as well.

  1. Helps the customers to find you on the map

Before now, most people used a paper map to find the location of where they are going.

Presently, almost every well-exposed Nigerian uses programs like Google Map to locate where they are going without any stress.

So creating a GMB account allows you to give details about the business like the address. This will help anyone know how to find the business with just a click.


  1. Gain customers trust

With the high rate of internet fraud in Nigeria, small or new businesses need to build trust with their customers for them to confidently buy from them.

So you must help them by providing the customers with all the details of your location on your GMB account.

When your brand is appearing on Google with detailed information about the business, the business will be likely seen as a reputable one.

That’s why your GMB needs to be verified by you claiming the business for it to appear on related search intent keywords.


  1. GMB increases your site’s traffic

One of the challenges you will face is getting high-quality traffic to your site and also visiting your store.

Getting high-quality traffic is one of the challenges you will face but having GMB will help boost the traffic you will get online and offline.

Appearing on searches will help attract customers for in-store visits and also help you get more clicks to your site.

This shows that creating a GMB account for your brand will bring the needed online and offline traffic.


  1. Learn about the customers

Having full knowledge about the customers will help you create products that will appeal to them.

The GMB account has a section called the “insights section”. This section provides you with an in-depth analysis of the visibility of the brand and how customers interact and engage with it.

As a business owner, you must understand how the business performs online for you to narrow down to know what is working or not.

Learning how the different customers engage with the business will give you more insight on how to plan your marketing strategies.


  1. Free advertising tool

Paying for Google ads will get the business on top of Google search but it’s not as easy as you think. Why? It comes with a huge ad budget.

So that is why you need an alternative. And that alternative is for you to work and improve on your SEO but the fact remains it needs your time and resources to achieve it.

GMB gives the business an easy route to free advertising on Google. Also, it will expose your brand to the target market which you already know will cost you nothing.

Understand that optimizing your GMB account needs less time than paying for a paid search campaign that needs a huge amount of ad budget.



You should know that having a Google My Business account doesn’t stop you from running Google ads or building your SEO through your blog because both are marketing strategies that will take time and money to achieve.

I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comment section.


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