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7 Reasons Why You Should Do Keyword Research

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To think like your customers, knowing their problems is the first thing to do.

How do you know that?

Through in-depth research. A process of meeting them where they hang out, listening to their discussions to know their language.

So today, we will discuss the reasons why this research is important and why you need to do it before creating any content.

Let’s dive in.

Keyword Research Explained

It is a detailed activity carried out to find phrases or words used by your audience while searching for things online. They can be searching for a product, service, or information.

Your goal is to:

  • Learn and understand their reasons
  • Know them better
  • Create good content

The first step is for you to find a topic around the keywords that you aim for your content to rank for. It’s advised that you do this at the beginning of content planning to create the framework of subsequent content.

Reasons Why You Should Carry Out Research

  1. To know their problems

Your goal for creating any content should be to solve the problems of your audience.

How can you solve their problem when you don’t know their problems?

That’s why researching for keywords is an important aspect of creating content. It gives you in-depth knowledge about your audience and the problems they need answers to.

Also, it gives you the phrases, words they use to search for information online, and this positions you on how to address them.

You get insight into the phrases that offer massive ROI to your competitors.

  1. Understand the stage they are

The customer’s journey gives you in-depth knowledge of where your customer is in the buying decision stage and knows how to meet their needs with your content.

So you have to take time and find out how they behave online while searching for products or services.

Doing this will give you phrases or words they use and know how to use the words while creating your content.

So the keyword you get during research reveals words that guarantee you of reaching your audience wherever they are in their customer’s journey.

  1. Produce content relevant to your audience

What is the use of your content if people don’t read it?

Creating content is one thing, people reading it is another thing.

So it helps you to produce content that your audience wants to read because it’s relevant to them.


It’s a solution to their problem or shows them how to solve their problems.

This is only possible because you used their language and the phrases they are familiar with.

  1. Understand a keyword competitive volume

To be sincere with you. To rank for a keyword with high search volume is hard especially if your blog is new.

Understand that high domain authority websites are competing for the first page for popular keywords.

However, it’s to your own advantage because such high search volume keywords show you other keywords you can rank for.


  1. Discovering local keyword

If your business is for local customers, people within your country, state, or region. Then you have to focus on discovering local SEO and creating content that you will rank for.

Carrying out keyword research will help you identify those local keywords and how to attract the local audience that needs your products or services.

So as a local business owner your target should be on local SEO and it starts with creating a “Google my Business account”.

  1. Content optimization with data from keyword research

The first step to creating SEO-optimized content is carrying out research. This means that before you create any content you need to research your competitors to know the keywords they are ranking for.

The next step is for you to do a comparison to know which of those keywords are related to your keywords.

Knowing this will help you create content with data that will help your content to rank.

  1. Get qualified traffic

If you use the wrong keywords, you will get traffic that won’t convert. But if you use the right keywords, you will get traffic that converts.

This means getting traffic on the website is not enough but you need traffic that has the majority of the audience to be able to convert them into customers.

To get qualified traffic, you need to take time and understand your customers and their online habits. Then you plan your marketing strategy for content on how to include words or phrases as you create your content.

You will be able to optimize your content and website with words that will turn visitors into qualified leads that will lead to sales.


Now I’d like to hear your thoughts on this post.

Which of the reasons do you think is more important?

Or probably I failed to mention an important aspect of keyword research.

Either way, let me know in the comment box.


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