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9 Steps to Start KeKe (Tricycle) Business in Nigeria

Tricycle (Keke) Business

Keke, as it’s popularly regarded in Nigeria, has producers like Bajaj, Suzuki, Piaggio, etc. You can find both new and used versions all over Nigeria. If you work it alone, you can easily make N9,000 in a day.This means, you may be making approximately N200,000 month-to-month after expenses. In a year, you’re talking about approximately N2.four million in minimal earnings.

The tricycles were first brought to the Nigerian marketplace, specifically, Lagos, by the means of Buba Maruwa, the Lagos nation navy chief at that time. Hence, the tricycles have been dubbed “Keke Maruwa”. Later on, those tricycles were covered by the National Agency for Poverty Eradication Program (NAPEP) plans under the rulership of former president Olusegun Obasanjo. Hence the name, Keke Napep.

However, it wasn’t till 2012, while public delivery motorcycles had been banned all throughout the USA, that Keke Napep all of a sudden commenced its explosive boom in usage. Today, it’s far from an unusual sight. Bajaj is a famous producer of sturdy and sturdy motorcycles and tricycles. As a matter of fact, the ruggedness and sturdiness of their merchandise are the primary reasons for their reputation in the Nigerian marketplace. Piaggio tricycles are also pretty famous in Nigeria. And what are they most famous for? They are most famous for their green and minimum gas consumption. And in a rural setting like ours, where we need to save every last penny, a gas-efficient vehicle is always welcome.These are a few examples of keke napep manufacturers you should consider purchasing while you need to begin your commercial enterprise.

Tricycle (Keke) Business

A tricycle, every now and then abbreviated to “trike,” is a human-powered (or gas-powered, electric-powered, motor-powered, or gravity-powered) three-wheeled car. Some tricycles, which include cycle rickshaws (for passenger delivery) and freight trikes, are used for industrial purposes, particularly within the growing world, especially in Africa and Asia.

In the West, grown-up-sized tricycles are normally used for recreation, shopping, and exercise. Tricycles are favoured by kids and senior adults for their obvious balance as opposed to bicycles, but a traditional trike has terrible dynamic lateral balance, and the rider ought to take care while cornering to keep away from tipping the trike over. Unconventional designs, which include recumbents, have a lower centre of gravity, so they require much less care.

A tricycle gives you not only a snug and speedy experience, but additionally a secure way to hold your cargo. Although you’ve got greater balance, tricycles are tougher to deal with than bicycles. High speeds around tight corners increase the risk of tipping over or losing control.A tricycle has a bigger profile than a bicycle. This ought to make you extra cautious while driving on sidewalks or other leisure paths. A grownup tricycle is simpler to experience than a motormotorcycle. You do not want any unique skills. Plus, even if your stability is terrible, you may nonetheless experience a tricycle. While the possibility of injuring yourself on a tricycle is less than that of a bicycle, it is still possible.A tricycle’s advanced balance makes it more secure to experience in a terrible climate or on sand or gravel than a traditional motorcycle…. Some tricycle riders additionally declare that a tricycle stops more quickly than a motorcycle does. The primary drawback of a tricycle is that they’re much less maneuverable than an ordinary motorcycle.

The stability of a grownup tricycle is uncanny when compared to a conventional bicycle. Because of the greater wheel, riders can experience balancing without stress. Even while the motorcycle is at a complete stop, the experience can be balanced without difficulty.

Tricycle (Keke) Business

Of all of the motorized motorcycles on the road, trikes are the toughest to tip over. The three-wheeled layout makes it nearly impossible to do so. Trikes are also heavier and more grounded than motorcycles, which means they have a protracted period of time to maintain you upright. In fact, there is no balancing involved at all!

Here are nine steps to begin a keke commercial enterprise in Nigeria:

Create a Commercial Enterprise Plan

The character or individuals charged with enforcing the plan ought to be closely involved in its development. Some humans rent specialists or have personnel draft the plan. If you will be liable for the selections with the intention of being primarily based totally on the plan, you will definitely want to be worried about its development. Create a government summary, compose your corporation description, Summarize marketplace studies and potential. Describe your product or service. Develop an advertising and income strategy.

Purchase Your Keke

You can get modern kekes from either of these manufacturers:Piaggio@550,000 to 700,000, Daylong@500,000 to 600,000A fairly used one degree ranging from N500,000 to N550,000.

Get registered with Keke commercial enterprise affiliation:

Become a member of the Keke Business Association

Keke Napep riders have an affiliation, so whilst you get your Keke, sign in with them as quickly as possible. This guarantees you’ve got a few measures of safety and it costs N5,000 to sign in. Apart from the registration fee, you’re anticipated to pay the affiliation a certain sum of money on an every day basis. You want to make provision for this too.

Tricycle (Keke) Business

Open a financial institution account

The best thing to do is to split your non-public account from the commercial enterprise account. This will help you track how the commercial enterprise is growing. You should make an effort to keep this account and avoid spending money from it in any way.

Regularly Maintain the Tricycle

One component that runs Keke Napep’s commercial enterprise down is loss of maintenance. Some may use it for an extended period of time without having to worry about inviting Keke mechanic to test it for them.

Be Constant

Being consistent may be critical to the success of your business.

Save Up

When you save up, you regularly accumulate cash by spending much less than you receive, usually in order to obtain something you require.

Be well Mannered to Customers

This is essential as they’re the heart of your business. Please remember to do this.

Take care of your body

Your frame is another core, due to the fact that without you, there’s no commercial enterprise.


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