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Artificial Fishpond made with Tarpaulin


If you are familiar with the fish pond business you will possibly understand the difficulty one can encounter when it comes to harvesting the fishes in terms of the best way of ensuring suitable profit is realized from the sale of the fishes.

Fish pond business is z very serious investment that requires proper calculations of expenses and overall income to ascertain the profitability of each barge of fish harvested. While the prices or overall cash realized from each barge can differ from others, the aim of the investor had been to maximize profits.

Artificial Fishpond made with Tarpaulin

The idea of selling the fish according to its size had been the traditional practice of most sellers. The practice has no huge disadvantage except the ability to gauge the size and be able to accurately determine the price by simply looking at the fish.

Occasionally, it is normal to have uneven sizes when the fishes are due for harvest. Some of the fishes have natural stunted growth inability and will remain small in size with their counterpart who is the same age as them. Knowing this fact will help you to avoid keeping such fishes longer in the pond and harvest them when you are harvesting the big ones. The reason being that the small fishes cannot become bigger even if allowed to stay in the pond for a long time.

If you have a barge of catfish ready for harvest and there is a huge combination of sizes in the barge selling by sizes would not be a simple task. This is where a new strategy has to be implemented.

In the above case, you have to sell the fishes by weight rather than using sizes. The method ensures that your fishes are sold in overall weight irrespective of the sizes of the fishes and their overall number.

As a matter of fact, selling fish by weight has become a major pattern employed by commercial fish farmers to get the true value of their money. Though there are things you need to learn regarding the method, it worth the efforts after all.

To make use of the method, you need to have an effective weighing scale such that you can place a pan on the scale to read the weight of the certain quantity of fishes packed into the pan. The official or generally accepted weighing unit is a kilogram popularly referred to as ‘KG’.

Artificial Fishpond made with Tarpaulin


For small average sizes of catfish, a KG costs from N650 upwards while big sizes of catfish could cost as high as N2000 per KG. So the size of your catfish determines how much you could fix its cost per KG. The advantage here is your ability to bargain a better price with the buyer.

This is a method that is generally accepted hence you need to apply it whenever you large number of small fishes in a barge. It is also suitable when you are selling off all the fishes at once.




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