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Business Opportunities in Northern Nigeria (Top 9)

Food Business: Retirement Businesses in Nigeria



Northern Nigeria is a region blessed with a large landmass, mineral resources, and fertile soil for agricultural practices.


That’s why it is a region that offers people a lot of business opportunities to consider and make money.


Today, we will discuss some of the business opportunities that one can consider to start and make money.


So without wasting time, let’s dive in.


Business Opportunities in the North


  1. Agriculture


North is a region that has a large fertile landmass for the growing of different crops and rearing of animals like cattle, sheep, goats, etc.


This means that agriculture is one business you have to consider if thinking of starting a business. However, understand that you may not do it yourself because you can easily pay people to cultivate and harvest crops for you.


Let’s consider the different agricultural businesses:


Animal rearing


Animal rearing, especially cattle rearing, is considered the most popular animal business in the north.


Excluding meat, there are other products gotten from animals like milk hide and skin, hooves, cheese, etc.



Crop farming


North is known to produce a large quantity of food consumed in this country and with the large production of commercial crops like groundnut, sorghum, cowpea, millet, carrots, and more.

Marketing and selling of agricultural products


Marketing and selling agricultural products is a lucrative business that you do in the north, sell to other parts of the country, or export them to other countries.


It’s wise you negotiate with farmers to buy their entire farms (products) so that the products when harvested will be packaged as yours.


  1. Gum production


Gum is a raw material used in the production of glues and adhesives that are majorly used by the rubber industry.


This business is a profitable one because of its usefulness to the target market, which is businesses into printing, rubber, and joinery businesses.


  1. Clothing business


With the availability of cotton in the north, venturing into the clothing business will be smooth if you carry an in-depth feasibility study.


You can decide to be a textile production company or a major distributor of a company by distributing to other parts of the country.

Jeans Selling Business


  1. Gold and jewelry business


The mineral resources like gold have made the jewelry business thrive so much in the north. Places like Kaduna and Kano are where you can take advantage of to merchandise these products.


You can decide to set up your jewelry business in a place like Kano because it’s known as the largest gold market in West Africa.


This shows that there’s a big market for this product, and setting up your shop depends on your capital, which determines the quantity and type of the product you will buy.


Due to its big market, you can decide to export out of the country to other places that are in high demand.



  1. Ceramic business

Ceramic is a large quantity in the north both as raw materials and finished products, which offers the opportunity to start a ceramic production company.


Also, there are other reasons why this business is what you should consider, which include storage facilities, skilled labor, and good business location because of the closeness to the raw materials.



  1. Vegetable oil business

Groundnut is one of the major cash crops produced in Northern Nigeria, which north is known as one of the biggest producers of groundnut in the world.


Groundnut is used to produce vegetable oil, which makes the production and marketing of this oil a lucrative business.


  1. Food business

Food is one of the basic needs of man. It’s a business that has the biggest market because every one of us eats food.


You can venture into the business as an importer or exporter. Or you can start a restaurant within your area in a strategic place.


This way you can save time and money trying to build your brand in a competitive market.

Eat Food with Fruits

  1. Blogging

Blogging is a business you can do from the comfort of your home. Allowing you to share your knowledge, which establishes you as an authority in a specific niche.

To earn money through affiliate marketing, you can decide to review other people’s products.

You make money through writing or publishing sponsored content, direct advertisement, ad networks (e.g Google), and partnership.


  1. Freelancing

There are a lot of websites, business owners, etc who don’t have time to create content.

This means that people are willing to pay for the services of others. There are platforms you can join and offer your skills as services, platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Also, LinkedIn is a platform you can leverage to show people what you can do. All you need to do is to:

  • Create an account
  • Optimize your profile with the keywords you want to be found with
  • Post high-quality content
  • Engage with other people’s content by liking, commenting, and sharing



Now I’d like to hear your thoughts on this post.

Which business would you start first?

Or probably I didn’t mention the business you would love to start.

Either way, let me know by dropping your comments in the box below.


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