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Creating Content Marketing Plan For Your Brand (5 Steps)

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Creating Content Marketing Plan For Your Brand (5 Steps)

You were happy starting the business, the excitement was written over you. You could imagine customers placing orders for your services, calls for queries coming, and sales increasing.

Now it seems as if you made it a mistake starting the business because nothing seems to be working.

For you not to kill your dream of starting the business, you seek help, and you were told how to leverage content for your marketing.

But you don’t even know where to start or even how to create content for your audience.

So today in this post, you’ll learn how to plan your content marketing for your brand.

Let’s dive in.

Content Marketing Explained

Content can be an article, image, video, or audio. You can use any of them to build your brand as an authority to your audience.

So content marketing is a type of marketing where you offer free content to your audience.

It’s used to create awareness about your brand and a way for you to build trust in your audience.

Planning Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing Plan
  1. Outline your goals

When you outline your goals, you will be able to define them.

To make more sales is the major objective for most business owners while creating content, but understand that content plays a huge role in your business’s long-term results.

If you’re new in business, creating content for awareness and visibility can be your objective. That will bring other goals together like increasing your customer, brand awareness, and boost sales.

To define what you want with your content and plan how to get it.

  1. Create your content

This will help you achieve your objectives. It can be creating video content where you teach on a subject and publish it on YouTube.

You can decide to create image content on tips, quotes, and illustrations.

Content and where to use them:

  • Image: They are amazing ways to show what you’re into Instagram and Facebook are perfect platforms.
  • Video: Video content on a topic solves a problem. YouTube, Instagram (short videos), WhatsApp, and Facebook are perfect platforms.
  • Blog: Blog helps you to create your own unique voice in your niche. And it’s the easiest way to give value to your audience. First, set up a self-hosted blog and consistently publish posts. Through it, you can build your email list first, review other people’s products, and create checklists for your audience. Social media will help bring traffic to your blog.
  1. Share your content

Time has gone, when people publish content and expect others to come and read it. Now as you create, you let the word out by sharing it for people to read and if they like it, they will share it with their friends.

Pick two or three platforms that you will be active on and dish out content consistently on them. With time, you can decide to explore other platforms.

I recommend you set up your blog with two or three accounts on social media. Your objectives will determine the type of content you will be creating.

  1. Have a calendar

Consistent is the rule of content marketing. Don’t be like those that are inconsistent with their content creation.

You won’t grow your business by being inconsistent.

That’s why you need a calendar to plan your content strategy and keep you on track.

It will help you outline what you should be doing each day. Also, it will help you remain consistent with publishing content on your website and other platforms.

The calendar will let your audience know what kind of content to expect each day.

Sample of a simple calendar:

  • Monday: Publish your brand photo or infographic on Instagram with little text
  • Tuesday: Share short actionable advice on Twitter and Facebook
  • Wednesday: You can decide to share other people content
  • Thursday: Talk about your products and services through storytelling on LinkedIn
  • Friday: Publish long-form content on your website and let the word out by sharing it for people to read and if they like it, they will share it with their friends.
Content Marketing Plan
  1. Analyze and optimize your content

You need to study and know the type of content your followers want and create it for them.

For example, if you see that they engage more with your video content, it simply shows that you should be creating more video content and fewer images or texts.

Understanding this will help you optimize your content with the keywords or things they like.

Also, you have to know how to do keyword research to be able to create SEO-optimized content for your audience both on your site and on YouTube.

Content Marketing Plan


Now I’d like to hear your thoughts on this post.

Which of the steps do you think you will do first?

Or probably I failed to mention an important aspect of content marketing.

Either way, let me know in the comment box.

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