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Four Business You Can Start Without Capital in Nigeria

Virtual top-up (VTU) Business in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country where there are few job opportunities and therefore even the people that have less passion for business have found themselves doing it. A lot of vision and ideas have died because they find it hard to get a capital to start. To survive in a country like Nigeria you need to have your own business and be your own boss.

The question is how do I start a business without Capital, well in this article I have the answer to that question, read on and let me open your eyes to cool businesses without Capital..

 Here are the four business you can start without Capital :

1. Skills

A lot of people do not know what they are capable of doing and some people watch there skill waste, there are a lot of skills you can acquire if you believe that you don’t have a skill, and this will cost you nothing than an Android phone and a YouTube app, there are other app where you can acquire skill other than YouTube. Yes you heard me right.Maximize the use of the internet you access everyday and take it to your advantage.

There are different kind of skills that can make you good cash, I will open up on some of them in this article

A. Content writing and copywriting

Are you a good writer or do you probably find writing interesting if so, you just have a gold mine that you are not drilling. Yes, you can start to write for people or yourself. There are freelancing platforms where there are clients looking for people to write articles for them and they pay you for writing content, go ahead and join one of them then get yourself a client and Boom you start making money without stress. For yourself, you can start a blog of your own and monetize it.

B.voice over

If you have a good voice, speech and diction, then this is another skill that will bring in plenty of money for you.

C. Website developer

D. Translating

E. Editing and proofreading.

F. Data analysis

With all these skills, you can conveniently save towards starting your dream business, and if you don’t, this is a business you can do with zero capital.

2. Real Estate agent

There’s so much money in this business and you can start with zero naira. All you need is a good human relationship and you have to be informed ear, get to know people that are selling their landed properties and people that her giving out there houses for rent, talk to them about you working has there agent and that’s all you need, you get a percentage for just doing that, you can even make enough money to state your own business from this.

3. Freelance marketing

Yes, this is another business where you don’t have need for capital, get the bases and state getting enough profit than you could have thought, what you will need is to get a niche, choose a product or line that you believe you can market without stress, understand what the product is about, who will be your potential client then leverage your social media platforms, this will help you get client and you will be able to make enough money from selling good that you don’t need a capital to get in first place.

Affiliate marketing


4. Start to Tutor

Are you a good teacher or are you willing to pass your knowledge to the next generation, help with the education sector? At this point you are not only building the education sector, you are getting paid for doing what you love.

Pick a course or subject you are good at and start a private tutorial or create a profession in tutoring, you can link up different school owners and discuss your subject, you can make a lot of money from this as well.


These are the four businesses you can start without the use of capital, so you can take advantage of them and stop the excuse of no capital.


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