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How Cassava Peeling Machine Works

How Cassava Peeling Machine Works


The cassava peeling machine is one of the Agro-machines that has a unique function of separating the skin of cassava tubers from the main body of the tubers. It works in a unique way to make peeling of tubers of cassava easy.

Unlike the manual method of peeling with hands and a knife, the machine employs special techniques to get almost hundreds of cassava tubes peeled within few minutes. Before now, such a job could involve several persons and could take a full day or more to accomplish.

Just like in every field of life, understanding how the machine works is very important. You don’t need to be the operator or related to the Agro-industry before you can try to understand how any machine works. Such knowledge keeps you informed in the case of an eventuality.

This post will be revealing to you how a simple cassava peeling machine works. At the end of the post, you should be able to understand the working principles of the machine and be able to know it anytime you see it somewhere.

How Cassava Peeling Machine Works

The peeling operations are coming from the principle of friction. As stated in physics friction causes wear and tear. Creating friction against the tubers of cassava will generate wear and tear on the skin of the tubers of cassava, the difference between this type of friction from other friction is the moderate action in peeling the cassava skin.

While creating the friction, the slow and moderate speed settings of the machine help to carry out gradual and calculated peeling actions on the cassava. When the cassava tubers are thrown into the processing unit of the machine, it revolves around sets of rollers around it. The rollers are made with a grated and rough surfaces such that they scrape the skin of the cassava coming in contact with it. As the rollers roll against each other to form a wall surrounding the tubers of cassava, it peels the cassava skin one after another until the whole cassava skin gets peeled off. Using extruding arm, the peeled cassava is pulled out from the machine.

How Cassava Peeling Machine Was Designed

Based on my explanation of the working principle, the design method used in making the machine is similar to a milling rollers pattern. The machine has sets of rollers arranged around each other to form a space that can contain the tubers of cassava.

An electric motor powers the machine and rolls the rollers against each other. The electric motor is connected to the rollers through gears but belts and pulley can still be used for the same purpose.

As the electric motor rotates its shaft, it turns the gears and transmits the power to the rollers. The roller turns the grated surfaces and carries out peeling effects on the cassava.

Now that you have understood how the peeling machine works, you can use the video below to watch the live operation of a cassava peeling machine typical to the one discussed above:



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