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How New Tech Companies Tipped To Change the World

Virtual top-up (VTU) Business in Nigeria1

Like a little seed planted in the soil, one ambitious fellow starts a company. In a few beautiful years, this company grows and becomes grounded in and began to send its branches all across the globe.

This fairytale can be ascribed to household names such as Google, Microsoft, Philips, Walmart and Alibaba, whose services have almost become part of our DNA. Yes, once upon a time, they were start ups and by grace, industry and tenacity, they have grown so gracefully and become the state of the art in their fields.

With millions of start ups popping up yearly in the world, many are hoping to replicate the successes of these multidollar companies.

The Tech world have been surveying the horizon and have identified some gems out of the myriad of companies competing for recognition.

This posts will be focussed on ten of the new age companies that are showing potential, how they came to be and what they are promising to offer. This analysis is a forecast by a group of expects who believe this companies will do well in years to come. What are the companies on our list? Let find out shall we?

Applied Intuition

Applied Intuition is a company designing simulation software for self propelled cars. With a funding of $11.5 million, it is poised to build better user friendly autonomous software that can cause a revolution in the production of self propelled cars.

Expects thinks it will grow since more people are buying into the ideas of self propelled cars every single day. With Applied initiation, they can enjoy a smooth autonomous experience.


AppZen have a funding of $51 million and they are tasked to using A.I to audit a company’s contracts, invoices and receipts 100% accurately and in real time too.

Expects thinks this will come in handy since “every company just have enough employees who are poised to gaming the system, doing things out of policy and are point blank fraudulent”. By using AppZen, this lapse can be cut out in real time and avoid loss; the zenith of the needs of a start up or even established company.

Arrive Logistics

Arrive logistics offer services that connect shippers with carriers. It is basically a tech based freight brokers who find people who are shipping to their respective carriers. With a funding of $10 million, experts are forecasting a bright future for these little reason.

More purchases are being made online so more products are being shipped, Arrive logistics have been a leading brand in shipping since its founding in 2014. It is aimed to trippling its revenue in 2019.


Arterys offers A.I powered medical imagine based on a cloud service. They are using the power of internet cloud imagery to create real life-ish images. It had a funding of $44 million and open to helping Healthcare in a big way. That’s according to the experts.

Boulder Care
Boulder cars is a company that uses tech for opium addition recovery. The company offer long term support for people who are battling opium addition via an app service.

The experts thing Boulder Care is a next big thing since it is building a Telehealth addition solution for the modern method of fighting addictions. It is liaison with local physicians and using the power of tech to make counselling effective and standard. Builder Care has a founding of $3.7 million.


Bowery is an indoor farm system aimed at cultivating pesticide free foods. Everything, from the sowing to the growth and harvesting is in a controlled system monitored by software.

Bowery are targeting city farming, especially areas with limited land. It uses 95% less water and  100 folds more productive than traditional agriculture. This company has a funding of a whopping $117 million.

The expects are ecstatic about this company. They believe it would usher a whole new dimension in what farming is. Bowery is the meeting point of farming and tech. Such fine meshing that is.


Insomnia, depression and anxiety are leading causes of mental health in the world. Calm has specialized itself to fight this and improve mental wellness. Calm offers app service for alleviating anxiety and depression, helping sleep.

With 35 million downloads already, Calm is a leading app in this field and have vast potential to improve internationally. This company has a funding of $28 million.


Cameo is a company which pays Instagram influencers or online celebrities to send you a shout out. The price could be from a few dollars to thousands and it comes unexpectedly as an incentive to the owner.

With a funding of $16 million, expects believe in the power of Cameo to make things go viral by the “world of mouth”. And the smart owners instead of using big names went to lesser known influencers and moved up on from there.


Chainalysis is a software company which helps companies and individuals in preventing fraud in cryptocurrency transactions in real time.

They trace crypto transactions and analyse it for violations, money laundry and fraud. They have a funding of $19 million and expects speak highly of them. Since there is a rise in cryptocurrency transactions there is need for more security to be set up. Chinalysis is working with financial institutes such as banks and cryptocurrency exchangers as well as security agencies such as FBI and Europol.

Epic Games

If you are ever played Fortnite, you should know about Epic games. Experts are going bananas about the potential of this company and its not very hard to see why.

Epic games are a cloud game developing company focused on online gaming and VR development.

Now You Know

The world is in constant flux so we can imagine new and better companies popping up every now and then.

Understanding what they are and services they offer gives you an advantage to using them well.


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