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How Simple Machine For Making of Grated Coconut Works & Procedure To Make One At Home

How Simple Machine For Making of Grated Coconut Works & Procedure To Make One At Home

Machine For Making of Grated Coconut Works

Coconut grate making machine is one of the simple machines that you can build at home for personal use which is a very good alternative to blender and hand slicers when it comes to reducing coconut to small sizes.

However, the grated coconut appears to be a little different from sliced coconut or blended coconut. While the sliced coconut is long and tiny in size, the blended coconut appears to be almost in a powdered form.

The grated coconut can be found in the middle of the two in terms of size. In other words, the grated coconut is not too powered like the blended coconut and it is not long as the sliced coconut.

The real appearance of the grated coconut is tiny balls of coconut reduced to its lowest size but not powdered as in the case of blended coconut powder.

There are many reasons why coconuts are grated, sliced, or blended. In each of the above operations, the sole purpose is to reduce the size of the coconut to the needed size but the applications are not the same.

The sliced coconut can be used to make coconut chips and other food combinations with coconut while the blended coconut can be used to mix with already prepared food that required the garnishing of some portion of coconuts.

However, grated coconut can be the best option if you intend to filter out the water content and consume the coconut as chaff. This is very common for biscuit industries and other food processing industries who may find it interesting to have grated coconut chaff in their processed food.

This post will be discussing on how to make a coconut grating machine at home. This will help to save you some money if you can possibly build yours.

The grate coconut-making machine works by carefully squeezing and reduction of the seed coconut to grated sizes. Its main purpose is to help in expelling the water component and extract it into a separate container. In other words, grating coconut seed makes it easy to remove its liquid components which could be very useful for other purposes while the chaff can still be used for other purposes.

To make this simple machine at home you will need the following:

Wood boards

Metal sheet

Wood Gum

An Electrical motor with switch control

PROCEDURE FOR MAKING OF Machine For Making of Grated Coconut Works

  1. From the picture above, make a drawing of the size of the grating machine you need.
  2. Cut the wood boards according to the size of the machine design. As it was designed on paper.
  3. Cut the metal sheet into a size that would be able to make a cylinder shape across the horizontal axis of the machine.
  4. Use a nail to create holes on the surface of the metal punching the holes from only one side of the surface. The result should be the coarse surface of protruded holes openings.
  5. Roll the metal sheet around a wood that bears the shape of the measuring cylinder. Nail the metal sheet on it to make the metal cylinder shape.
  6. Bring the cut piece of wood board and put them into the designed position and hold them in position with the wood gum.
  7. Connect the electric motor to one end of the cylindrical grater you made in step 5. The work of the electric motor is to rotate the grater in a position such that any piece of coconut seed that comes in contact with it will get grated.
  8. Your design should allow the feed of the machine to be just above the cylindrical grater while the outlet for the grated coconut seed should be below the cylindrical grater.


The grating machine works on the principle of compression and scratching of coconut seed surfaces. As the electric motor turns the cylindrical grater, it gathers momentum and forcefully drags any pieces of coconut seed to the space between the grater and the wood boards at the opposite sides.

The compression force dragging the seed into space helps the grater coarse surface to rob on the coconut seed surfaces to grate it into tiny pieces. The grated pieces fall off from the grater to the bottom or outlet section of the machine.

The pictures above are how the machine should look if it is properly designed.


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