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How to convert Picture formats


Not everyone knows about image format and the impact it makes in the use of images. As a novice, you may be using the wrong image format for the wrong application. Image format creates differences in views, resolution, and sharpness. An image format that is good for a particular application may not be good in another application even though it may be possible to use any of them in the application.

As the use of the software is gradually becoming vast the use of software-related items such as images is becoming more specific. The reason is to speed up software operations and offer a better user experience.

There are many image formats existing currently, among all of them the popular ones are JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. These formats are not the only ones available but they seem to be the most widely used formats.

For instance, the JPEG format is a good picture format for websites and blog posts because of faster loading and opaque background. The PNG is good for logo images and areas where the transparent background is needed. It is a default format for some of the photo editing software such as paint and others. GIF is a picture format that is meant to animate pictures as a single image. Four pictures can be arranged to form a single animation image using the GIF format.

Having understood the difference in all of the picture formats, let us proceed to their making method as well as their conversion method. As earlier stated, either JPEG or PNG is a default image format in any of the pictures taken with your electronic device or the ones edited with photo editing software.

Assuming you have a picture in JPEG format or any other picture format besides PNG, open the picture Paint software on your computer, carry out any editing work you need to do on the picture, and then use the ‘SAVE AS’ or ‘SAVE’ option in the Paint software to save the picture as PNG by default.

Assuming you already have images in PNG format and would like to change it to either JPEG, BMP, or GIF, using the paint software or CorelDraw photos could be a better choice. Simply launch the picture make any changes you would like to make on the picture and use the ‘SAVE AS’ option to save the image in other formats. The images below are showing illustrations of how you can achieve it.









Besides paint software, you can try doing it with other picture editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, and lots more. Using the illustrated method.


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