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How To Fabricate An Iron Door (12 Steps)


How To Fabricate An Iron Door


The use of iron doors also known as security doors has become a norm and almost every new building now has an iron door installed at the entrance while some install it in the interior as well. It has become a fashion to see at least one iron door in every new building.

Nevertheless, it is not only the new buildings even old buildings are renovated and have iron doors installed on them. Hence, the use of iron doors has become a sign of modernization and fashion.


Besides the basic intended purpose of security, the iron door offers special status to the building and gives it proper beautification.

The beautification offered to buildings is not coming from the iron as a material used in making the door rather it is coming from the aesthetic finishing on the door surfaces using colored paints and reflective coloring liquids.

Of course, iron as the making material made such astonishing surface finishing to be possible.

People also use iron doors because of their durability. It is indisputable fact that iron doors last longer in service than wooden and plastic doors. If properly fabricated and maintained, the iron door life span could double that of the wooden door serving the same purpose.

Another reason for installing an iron door is to help in preventing fire outbreaks. The wooden door is known as a good conductor of fire.

It burns and contributes to the further spread of the fire if a fire accident occurs in the building. For that reason, an iron door is preferred over a wooden door and a plastic door.


It is has become the norm to install iron doors anywhere and anytime in the building just to boost the status level of the building.

However, considering the other purposes that an iron door serves, it is necessary to install an iron door in a building not just for the sake of beauty but for security reasons.

If properly fabricated and installed, the iron door can act as your security door and will resist any form of breaking and entering. Besides that, it also helps to prevent fire by not catching fire anytime there is a fire outbreak.

You need to install an iron door if your building has no iron protector guard, no iron gate, and you have valuable properties in your house.

For optimum security, there is a need to install the iron door in all the exit door space in your house. In other words, you should mount the iron door in the entrance and exit paths of your house.


Just like in every other door, the iron door has types and their types are defines by their design and size. For instance, there is a single frame iron door and there is a double frame iron door. The single-frame iron door is suitable and sizeable to all door spaces except the entrance door space.

Meanwhile, the double frame iron door is the one meant for entrance spaces to buildings. It is wider in size such that it could allow big items to the building. For this reason, it is usually meant for front door space so that house appliances like furniture could be moved in and out of the building through the door.


Getting an iron door is no longer difficult as compared before. You can now walk down to a nearby welder to fabricate an iron door for you or buy an already-made and furnished iron door from the nearby welders.

If you find it difficult to locate a welder that fabricates iron doors or the ones being fabricated is below your standard, you can opt for the choice of making one for yourself.

Though the option of fabricating your own iron door has to go with a huge price and you must have had some level of welding and skill. The price of fabricating yours may be higher than the ones being sold in the market but the advantage is ensuring the quality is up to your taste and the design and surface finishing is according to your choice.

There are also foreign iron doors you can order online and they can be delivered to you or you contact the foreign doors importers and dealers in Nigeria.


There is no fixed price for an iron door. The price is determined by several factors such as size, design, surface finishing, type of iron, iron thickness, foreign iron door or locally-fabricated iron door, and the welding/fittings quality.

Normally, locally fabricated iron doors cost from N25, 000 upwards while foreign ones cost from N45, 000 upwards. The price of the one you see can be altered due to mentioned factors as well as your location.


Assuming you have made the decision to fabricate your own iron door, sometimes this will become necessary because of the unusual door space in your building which could not be seen from the sizes of already made iron doors in the market. However, whatever be the reason let us discuss how you should go about it:

  1. Use drawing materials to draw the door. An example is using a pencil and eraser to draw the door on a piece of paper.
  2. Indicate the dimensions in the drawing according to the measurements obtained from the door space in your building.
  3. Make the proper design that you desired on a piece of paper such that the design still retains the dimensions and total measurements taken earlier.
  4. Make a proper material selection for the door according to the money in your pocket. At this stage, you can choose the iron thickness, the iron framing bar sizes, etc.
  5. Hire space in a workshop as well as their machines and equipment to carry out your fabrication job.
  6. During fabrication, cut the iron bars for framing first according to measurements specified on paper. Afterward, cut the outer frame bars that will be fixed on the door space as well.
  7. Now you have two frames bars for the door one is for the outer frame that will be fixed inside the door space while the other will be the door carrier for opening and closing.
  8. Using a T-square or angle bar, start joining the iron bars as specified in the drawing and use the square to ensure that their joining maintain the mandatory 45dgrees space. This will ensure that the frame is squared after fabrication.
  9. First of all, start tap the electrode on all the joints to hold them temporarily and then take the measurement again to ensure that everything is in its supposed position before running a full welding operation on the joints.
  10. Repeat the process specified in step 9 in all joining processes until you have successfully formed the entire shape of the door.
  11. The next stage is to use filler to fill up spaces, errors, and use a filing machine to smoothen the rough surfaces.
  12. Afterward, use special car paints and reflective paints to give the door the surface finishing you desired.

At this stage, you have successfully made your iron door. Once the paint dries up, you are free to go ahead and install the door in your building.


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