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Do you know that you can really keep your home appliances looking new every day? Good handling of any device will definitely reflect in the life span of the device. Your home appliances are one of such things that need your care and good handling.

This post will be discussing those things you need to put in place to make your home appliances stay new at all times and in return last longer for you. We shall be discussing the following:

  • The types of Home Appliances
  • The type of care specific to each type
  • The common mistakes you should avoid

The above topics may not really be touching all the areas you may be expecting but they actually deal with the main idea of the topic which is to take care of your home appliances and prolong their lifespan.



Home appliances vary according to their classification. Normally almost every accessory at home is considered a home appliance. However, their classification is based on purpose and material.  Home appliances include furniture, electronics, and electrifications accessories, etc.

All the home appliances require similar care and attention to remain new and last long.

The electronics are part of home appliances under the classification of electrical appliances and it includes the television, the sound systems, the ceiling Fan, Standing Fan, Air Condition, Refrigerator, bathroom water heater, toaster, microwave, electric cooker, pressing iron, blender, electric mixer, home telephone, water dispenser, Desktop computer, laptops, printers, and lots more.

In other words, any device making use of electrical energy at home is considered as an electrical appliance or electronics.  Those under this category have similar handling and maintenance methods. For instance, the same care given to an electric pressing iron can be given to a standing fan or a television.

Wooden appliances are also part of home appliances otherwise referred to as Furniture. It consists of all the appliances made with wood such as the bed, the bookshelf, the wardrobe, the wall hangers, the chairs, the Table, the footstool, and the kitchen stool. In other words, all appliances made with wood are considered to be furniture.

The electrification accessories are part of the home appliances. They include fancy bulbs shades, electric flowers, artificial flame tables, Christmas lights decorations, sockets, antennas, wall switches, and lots more. The handling and caring of the accessories are unique and slightly different from those of other home appliances.



As earlier stated, the various types of appliances have specific ways of being cared for and handled to keep them new always. For instance, the care given to the electronics is not the same as that given to the furniture as well as that given to the electrification and beautification appliances.


The following care should be given to your electrical appliances to ensure it remain new and last long:

  1. Cleaning: electronics outside casing should be cleaned often with lightly cloth soaked cloth or wool using a volatile liquid such as methylated spirit, ethanol, fuel, or kerosene. The cleaning should not be carried out when the electronics are in use or when connected to an electric power source. During the cleaning, carefully use the clean section of the cloth or wool to clean the stained or dirty surfaces of the electronics and allow the cleaned surfaces to dry up completely before connecting the electronics to a power source.
  2. Covering: the covering of your electronics when not in use is one way of preventing stain and depreciation in appearance. Electronics such as sound system, television, fan, air-condition and refrigerator among others are supposed to be covered when not in use especially if you are traveling. The purpose of the covering is to reduce the level of dust interaction with the electronics, the flying dust in the surrounding constitutes 80% dust on the surface of the casing of your electronics, and therefore covering the electronics is one good way of keeping the casing away from dust.
  3. Housekeeping: the way your electronics are positioned/placed matters a lot. It could be either your stationed electronics (television, refrigerator, etc.) or mobile electronics (pressing iron, Blender, Mixer, etc.). Good housekeeping means placing each of the electronics in the right place. It equally applies to your mobile electronics when not in use. For instance, keeping any of your electronics somewhere close to water or having the possibility of water leakage, keeping your electronics with other things together, improper dropping and positioning, exposure to harmful substances such acid, and lots more. Your electronics should be installed in a dry and secured place away from liquids and away from possible falls.
  4. Handling: the handling of your electronics will definitely determine how long it is going to last. For instance, if you are making use of your sound system every time and running it at its peak sound volume always, it will likely develop problems sooner than the one being used occasionally at a moderate volume level. The same applies to other electronics. Mishandling will lead to the early development of faults and speedy retirement of electronics. The habit of putting your electronics ON when you are not in need of it is not only wasting electric power, it is equally shortening the lifespan of the electronics.
  5. Repair/Maintenance: Fault is the first evidence of mishandling and your electronics are bound to become faulty as the age goes by or if roughly handled. The next way of keeping its quality is to carry out a quality repair on it by replacing any damaged unit in it with a new unit. Such standards should be maintained in other to retain the quality for a long time.



Your wood appliances at home will need the following carefully to remain new and last longer:

Washing and Cleaning: the common age-long effect of wood appliances is an accumulation of sticky dust, oil, and grease-related dirt. Such foreign particle finds their way into intricate parts of the furniture including cobwebs below the seat.  To get rid of such foreign particles, there is a need to used active and suitable detergent to wash the wood section of the furniture and use a clean and dry cloth to dry up the water after washing.

Re-spraying/Painting: assuming the original furniture color of the wood has depreciated, you can get a new bottle of furniture paint and spray it on all the wood to revive its color and keep it appearing new always.

Sun protection: one of the ways of keeping the furniture color intact is to shade the wood furniture away from sunlight. In other words, ensure that your wood appliances are kept far away from sunlight to help their color to remain new.

Fire protection: fire protection simply means keeping the wood appliances away from fire sources. Because wood is a good fuel in conducting fire, any source of heat should be kept away from your wooden appliances to avoid burning of deformation its surface due to intense heat.




Your electrification and beautification appliances can be fragile and portable, their care includes:

Liquid Spraying and Dry cleaning: if you have a foamed liquid sprayer, spray it on the outer surfaces and use a clean dry cloth to dry up the surfaces afterward. This practice is common for flower stands and the flower, the bulb shades, and others.

Positioning: the next thing is to carry out proper positioning of the appliance to keep it away from possible fall, obstruction, or mishandling.

The use of switch: Turn the lighting systems off when not in use to help protect the electrification/beautification appliances.

Fragile: The fancy appliances are usually fragile, take the proper time to keep them secured and in the proper position after every cleaning operation.



The following mistakes should be avoided when handling your home appliances:

  1. Do not use hot water to wash any of your home appliances
  2. Avoid the use of acid-related solutions when cleaning any of your home appliances
  3. Always use a clean towel or similar clothing to dry up and clean your home appliances
  4. Do not attempt to clean your electronics when it is still connected to electric power
  5. After the cleaning allow everywhere to dry up before using your appliance again
  6. Do not use a bleaching agent of any sort to clean your appliances


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