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How To Make a Simple Building Plan

How To Make a Simple Building Plan



If you are just hearing the word “building plan” for the first you probably need to read this section carefully.  A building plan is a map showing the building pattern and how it should be built from the foundation level to the finishing stage such as roofing.

A building plan points every step to the builder, making it easy to understand what the owner of the building wants. It directs builders to lay the proper foundation for the building and follow the specified design drawn on a piece of paper that make up part of the building plans.



A building plan is very important for any type of building no matter how simple the building could be. It is a map showing the builder what to do hence, you can’t do without it.  Below is the highlighted importance of a building plan:

It indicates measurements, size, and directions of each part of the building.

It provides an overall view of what the building should look like when completed.

It serves as a step-by-step guide to builders when building any house.

It provides a means of checking physical mistakes made by builders.

It helps to trace faults in the building after a long time. Such faults include electrical faults from conduit wiring, plumbing faults from piping jobs, water leakage faults, and lots more. In other words, it stands as a last resort during the troubleshooting section of any problem in the building.

It helps to estimate the cost of building the house before the physical structure can be carried out.

A building plan can help to reveal flaws in the land geometry.

Building plan helps to make proper use of the space available in the land.




Do you know that you can actually make a simple building plan for yourself without involving the service of an architect?

Though making a building plan is not a simple task, it is very tedious, it is like building the house on a piece of paper first. However, not all building requires a plan to come from an architect, it will be costly to hire the service of an architect for simple things you could do by yourself.

A building plan for a simple building such as a one-bedroom to three-bedroom flats can be done without hiring an architect however, it depends on the design you want the house to have. Making a building plan for a simple design shouldn’t be a problem. It can be handled by you if you have little knowledge of drawing and building plans interpretations.

Ordinarily, it could cost you a significant amount of money to hire the service of an architect to provide a professional building plan for you but this wouldn’t be necessary if you are just building a very simple structure.





Assuming you are trying to erect a simple structure, you actually need to bring out time to make a simple building plan for it. Here are steps you need to follow:

Take a good look at the land geometry, define the axis of the land, the house entrance, and access roads.

With proper scale per meter, transfer the size to cm such that it can be contained on a piece of paper.

Carefully draw the building plan on a large piece of paper, taking it section by section and drawing each line according to the measuring scale.

Position the building at the right place in the drawing just the way it should be positioned during the erection of the building.

The building plan should be able to show the aerial view, front view, side views, and isometric views of the building with the proper scale in lengths strictly in place.

You can use several pieces of paper to draw each section boldly and draw the combined view on one big piece of paper.

Once, you are satisfied that all the information has been contained in the drawing, it is time to hand it over to the builder to commence the erection of the building.

You need to make photocopies of the building plan as well.


From the above discussion, you can now see why a building plan is very important and the reason you should know how to make a simple one.







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