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How To Operate YouTube Channel & Upload Videos On Your YouTube Channel

How To Operate YouTube Channel & Upload Videos On Your YouTube Channel


Having a YouTube Channel can be very interesting but running it with steady uploads of videos is where the work lies.

There are many YouTube channels but only a few can maintain steady and consistent creation of content.  The term ‘Content’ implies videos the YouTuber is able to upload to his/her channel.

The strength and popularity of any YouTube Channel depend on the content, the number of subscribers, and engagements on the uploaded videos. The more the popularity grows, the more money the channel owner makes from the contents in the channel.

The problem is not just making the videos, it equally has to do with the uploading of the videos. Not everyone understands the technicalities involved in the operation.

It has to do with making videos, editing videos, uploading the video into your YouTube Channel, and finally carrying out SEO settings on the video before publishing it.

These operations require separate tutorials/training to understand how best you can do it and get maximum results. In terms of making Videos, it implies using your camera/electronics device to make video coverage of events, tutorials, etc. the ability to make a quality video with audible audio is a unique skill on its own.

Editing recorded videos is another skill that can aid video customization and promotion. Before a recorded video gets into your YouTube there is a need for it to be customized to suit your channel name. Customization also helps to engage with your viewers through the video. This can be achieved by adding introduction cards and recorded customized audio prompting the viewers to subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

Using a professional video editor to edit your video will help to make a quality customized video for your viewers. You can add unique audio to provide better explanations to the activities in the video like tutorial videos. You can also add an extra video clip to provide more information and extend the length of the existing video.

After successful customization, the next step is to upload the video to your YouTube Channel. This stage seems to be simpler as compared to other skills required in operating your YouTube channel. The steps are simple as illustrated in the images below:










After uploading the video to your channel, you need to carry out settings for search engine optimization (SEO) on it. To achieve that, add a title to the video, add a description of the video, scroll down to select the category the video belongs, add tags to the video, add cards to the video, add related videos, and lots. If there are more than one or two videos consider making a playlist from a list of similar videos.

The more SEO activities you do on the video, the higher chance of it being viewed by a larger audience. So paying attention to every step at this stage is very important. The images below highlight the areas you need to make settings on the video for SEO purposes.








The next step is to publish the video. To do that, set the video in public and hit the “Publish” button.




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