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How To Prolong The Battery Lifespan Of Your Office/Home Telephone

How To Prolong The Battery Lifespan Of Your Office/Home Telephone


Considering the importance of office telephone and the need to keep it available during working hours, so much depends on the battery. For instance, battery life has been found to be among the major challenges of office telephones.

As office equipment, so many businesses depend on office telephones for effective communications. Such businesses require the telephone to be available during working hours. As a non-mobile office device, the telephone also helps to keep track of workers during working hours because it can be used to ascertain who is available in the office during working hours.

However, the importance can be cut short when the battery life declines. Though modern office telephones have longer and more durable batteries made from the LiFePo4 elements, they still have a limited lifespan.

Once the battery of the office telephone has gone bad, the phone will be showing battery-low signals a few minutes after removing it from its charger. Normally, it is presumed by the manufacturers that the office/home telephone ought to have access to regular power supply due to the availability of electricity at home and at the office, based on that the phone seems to have a battery with less duration of the discharge as compared to mobile phones.

Let us discuss some of the ways you can help your office/home telephone to last longer. Though not thorough or overall factors, they will certainly contribute immensely to the prolonging of the battery life.



The operating time of the phone determines how often its battery needs to be recharged. Office telephones are meant to operate during working hours while the home telephone is meant to operate 24hours. Considering the possible difference in the two telephones, it can be said that the office telephone needs less charging than the home telephone.

Meanwhile, less charging offers a high advantage to the life of office telephone batteries and will help the battery to have a longer lifespan. In other words, the more frequently you charge any telephone battery, the shorter the battery lifespan becomes. Since the home telephone will need to be available for 24hours, the charging rate for its battery is higher and will lead to a shorter lifespan.

Therefore, as a result of the above considerations, switching the telephone off when not in use is a way of prolonging the battery lifespan due to decreased charging of the battery.



Power consumption of a telephone means the power input and how it is consumed. Office/home telephone is not sophisticated or built with modern android software that runs on apps, such consume lots of battery power and drains the battery within a short time.

Though built with a simple javascript or analog system, office/home telephones consume power according to their strength and that will equally determine how long the battery would last. For a very busy office/home telephone with limited charging power, the battery is bound to rundown within few hours after charging. But the ones that are less busy would last for the whole day when the battery is fully charged. Depending on the model and brand name, some consume electric power more than others.



Office/home telephones usually come with a charger in the carton. The charger is the factory-recommended and original charger. In the case of damage or loss of the charger, using a substandard or non-recommended charger could become a fast way of shortening the lifespan of the telephone battery.

In other words, you should not use a charger not meant for the telephone to charge it. Though it may work properly, the difference in voltage and current could impair the battery life.



The charging method means the frequency of the charging. LiFePo4 batteries don’t need overcharging. If you are using any electronic device built with a LiFePo4 battery you would notice shortened battery lifespan if the device is regularly plugged into an electric power source.

The same principle applies to office/home telephones. You need to charge them only when necessary and remove them from the charging when the battery is fully charged. Overcharging occurs when the phone is consistently allowed to be connected to a power source through its charger thereby creating a consistent charging system on the battery which weakens the active cells in the battery and shortens its lifespan.



The operation method of the telephone is the way the phone is being used. Some of such telephones have multifunction such as the provision of internet connections, loudspeaker calls, text messaging, voice notes, and many others. The more any of these functions are used the faster the battery goes down.

Multifunction and their consistent operations will be making the battery of the office/home telephone require regular charging thereby reducing its lifespan. Hence, to keep the battery life longer, reduce the number of activities carried out on the telephone after charging it. And switch it off when not in use to preserve the battery energy.



Considering the above points, you can possibly assist your office/home teletelephone battery to last longer by carefully applying the above strategies.


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