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How To Set Up Simple Bookshelf At Home

How To Set Up Simple Bookshelf At Home


You would probably wonder why you should be the one to set up a bookshelf when you are not really a carpenter or expert in furniture making.  Or you may think this post is trying to ask you to do the impossible, something that actually would require a professional hand. Whichever assumption you may be having may not be true.

In this post, I will take you down the road to show you how you can be able to make beautiful simple furniture like a bookshelf without the help of any professional. But first of all, you need to be relax and gently read through the entire post to grab the gist in detail.


This is a question someone may likely ask if coming in contact with the word ‘Bookshelf’ for the first time.  A bookshelf as the name implies is a shelf meant for the packing of books. In other words, it is a space created for the purpose of storing books.


It could be made with wood, metal, or plastic. The wooden type had been ancient and still reign in modern lifestyle but in a more furnished and good looking design.

Because of cost and easy setup, the wood bookshelf strives than others and it seems to last longer and has the strength to carry many books as possible.

Bookshelf is the main component of most libraries because it is used to store a large number of books according to certain classifications.


It has become a norm to have a bookshelf at home for the purpose of keeping books and other items. It equally helps the home to have a good look especially those made with aesthetic woods. It adds to the number of furniture at home.

When it is properly made and fixed on the wall of your home, it could serve as a counter for drinks instead of books. It could be furnished with good painting and furniture finishing however, the type you will be learning in this post will not need any further furnishing if you follow the steps properly.


Having understood other discussions about bookshelf, it is time for you to know how you can comfortably make a simple one for yourself without paying an expert to do that for you. Here are steps you need to follow:

  1. Use a tape to measure the lengths, breadth, and width of the bookshelf you need, virtually position it on the intended location in your home and take note of the space it would occupy after making it.
  2. Use a piece of paper to draw the measurements you have obtained from the measuring tape. In other words, draw the bookshelf on the paper indicating all the axis and write the measurement of each axis.
  3. Having known the length and breadth of the wood you need. Visit a nearby wood and carpentry shop selling modern furnished wood boards.
  4. Present the drawing to them and ask them to cut the exact sizes of wood for you with all the supporting devices you will need such as angle 45 degrees support clips, anchoring clips, edge sealing shell, and a number of screws for joining.
  5. You still have the option of paying the seller to fix it for you or you simply buy all those items and take them home.
  6. While at home, position the woods on the floor according to the drawing you made earlier and use a screwdriver to start joining the joints with the screws you bought.
  7. First of all, fix the angles with the screws to ensure you are getting the right settings. Then gradually proceed to fix the remaining parts using the screws.
  8. If your design is meant to stand on the floor instead of hanging on the wall then you don’t need copper nails to nail it on the wall. Otherwise, get some copper nails and make anchoring provisions in your design and use it to anchor/nail the bookshelf on the wall.

Having achieved your goal, it is time to check the strength of the bookshelf you have built and know if you need to make any adjustments before nailing it on the wall or positioning it on the floor.





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