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How To Take A Computer Screenshot Using Your Keyboard

Taking a Computer Screenshot

How To Take A Computer Screenshot Using Your Keyboard

What Is A Computer Screenshot?

Not everyone knows how to take a computer screenshot. Though some people might have gotten the idea, this post will give a different dimension to what you already know, for those coming to get the information for the first time, it is a valuable piece that you couldn’t afford to miss.

From time to time software upgrades help us in achieving things we could not achieve previously and taking a screenshot is one of them. Though not new, its application is gradually becoming popular due to information about it that has readily become available online.

Taking a screenshot is a feature that allows you to capture any moment on your computer screen. Assuming you are watching an interesting movie and you come across a piece that showed your favorite meal you would love to prepare later. You can pause the movie and take a screenshot of it then save it on your computer.

Beyond the above example, you can take screenshots of a chat or email sent to you by someone you do not trust and sent it to someone else as a picture and request for their verification. The screenshot is a feature that offers more benefits than what I have listed above.

Having known its importance, it is time to know how it works and how you can take it any time you want.

How Computer Screenshot Works

Computer screenshot works like instant photo-taking. It is a feature that permits the screen of your computer to snap itself in the form of ‘copy and Paste’ by that  I mean that you can snap your screen as a copy feature and paste it into a picture viewing/editing software for further work or save it without any editing.

The principle of operation of this feature is based on the already existing copy and paste feature of the computer software. Normally, control + A will select or highlight ALL the available space and make it possible to copy the selected areas. By clicking ‘Control + C’ you have successfully copied the highlighted/selected areas. If you use the ‘Paste’ command on any supportive software the copied will paste on the software.

Applying the above principle on the screenshot feature implies that the screenshot command was able to highlight/select the entire screen content as obtainable in the ‘Control + A’ command and then executed the ‘Copy’ operation as in the case of ‘Control + C’ command. In other words, by clicking the screenshot button, two operations will take place at once which is to highlight All and Copy.

The above operations make it easy for a single keyboard to take a screenshot of your computer screen.

How To Take A Computer Screenshot

Taking a Computer Screenshot

Now that you have known how the feature works, let us discuss how you can carry it out.

Taking a computer screenshot is very simple and almost anyone that knows little about computer operations can do it. Follow these steps to make a screenshot of your computer:

Open the section f your computer you want to snap

Locate the keyboard key with the title ‘Print Screen’ or ‘Prnt Scrn’ on some keyboards, this feature may be seen in the ‘Function’ alternative operation of the keyboard.

When you find out the key and its supported operation on the key, click on it (Print Screen) and open any of your photo editings software such as paint or CorelDraw and click ‘Control + V’ or right-click and select the ‘Paste’ command.

Use the photo editing software to crop the screenshot and cut off unwanted areas. Then save it in any format of your choice and any location of your choice on the computer.


From the above explanation, you can see that it is not difficult to take a screenshot of your computer screen. You can try it out and use the comment section to let me know if you have any challenges.


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