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How to Turn on Your Live location via WhatsApp Chats

How to share location on WhatsApp

How to Show Live location via WhatsApp Chats

As the insecurity is increasing as well as unpredictable occurrences in modern society, there is a need to share your location with someone when the need arises. This is a feature WhatsApp has made available for its users.

With the ‘share location’ feature in your device, you can easily inform someone about your current location without making a call. You can also define the number of minutes you are staying in that location.

For security reasons, a feature like this is required in the fight against human trafficking, kidnapping, and other criminal activities as well as for a missing person. This feature is one of the best of its kind aimed at helping friends and family to know the exact location of the next person.

Now you have known about the existence and the use of this feature in WhatsApp, let me take you through the procedures on how to share your location with your friends on WhatsApp chats.

Launch your WhatsApp on your device and open the users’ contact section in WhatsApp and initiate a chat with the user.

On the chat section, click on the chain symbol in the text messaging space. There will be a grid display of all the apps on the device.

Click on the ‘Location’ app. This will open a list of options such as:

Share Live Location

Send your current location

From the above, click on the ‘Send your current location’ this will take you to another page where you will be able to select the duration of your activeness in the location. You have the option of choosing from any of these times; 15minutes, 60mins (1hr), and 480mins (8hrs).

Assuming you selected 15 minutes and click on the’ >’ icon, your current location will be made known to your receiver at that moment. The live/active message will also contain the duration of time you are going to stay in that location based on the time frame you chose.

Below is a video instruction displaying how to do it using WhatsApp on your device.





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