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Nylon layer found on Titus Icefish skin


Titus fish has become a popular fish selling in Nigeria and other countries in the world as ice-fish meant for domestic consumption as well as public consumption.

As the scarcity of river fishes is increasing, the dependent on imported icefish increases. This in return helps the selling of ice-fish such as Titus to increase due to high demands.

The consumption of Titus had been available for decades alongside other species of icefish. Meanwhile, it had been an undisputed fact that the Titus tastes better than other species of icefish.

It could be assumed that the increased demand and selling price of Titus could be attributed to its great taste.

In appearance, it has a unique look from other species of ice fish. From dotted black spots on the skin with an oval shape to a unique color combination in appearance, and contains a large volume of fish oil when compared with other species of ice-fish.

With the above characteristics, you can possibly identify the Titus fish when you see it. As some people will always refer to it as the snake color ice fish due to the shiny spotted dark color on its skin.

Recently, there was a video made available online alleging that nylon was wrapped on a Titus fish purchased from the market in such a manner that it appears unnoticed and could be mistaken to be part of the fish skin.

The reality of this claim/discovery is yet to be verified by others while some assumed it could be true. Meanwhile, most people have resorted to having a thorough inspection of the fish skin before cooking it.

As a lover and consumer of the Titus ice fish, it is very necessary and safe for you to carry out a thorough physical inspection on the skin of the fish while preparing for cooking.

Though a video illustrating the discovery of such an unusual occurrence has been made available to everyone as support for such a claim, it is entirely your responsibility to carry out your own investigation so as to either support the claim or trash the claim.

Assuming it to be true, there is no tangible reason known or given to be why the skin of the icefish should be wrapped with tiny nylon. It is either the wrap has some biological-related incident or a coincident of nylon in the ocean with the fish or a form of preservation during the fish packaging. Whichever one be the case, no tangible reason could support such a situation.

If such material is consumed alongside the fish mistakenly, the nylon will find its way into the human body, as a non-biodegradable synthetic substance, it could result in dangerous health conditions on the consumer including cancer and damage to vital body organs.

You can watch the video below and tell me what you think:




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