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Shopping: How To Detect Fake Pillow In The Market

How To Detect Fake Pillow In The Market


Using a fake Pillow for your bed creates discomfort after a long time of use though the pillow appears to be original from the beginning. There is a slight difference between the original pillow and the fake pillow based on physical appearance.

The slight difference in look between fake and original pillow makes it easy for anyone to innocently purchase the fake assuming it to be the original. Though the prices are not the same and could define the difference between the two, some merchants could sell to novice at the price of the original.

If you want to go out shopping and you intend to buy pillows your concern should be the quality of the pillow because fake pillows depreciate/flatten in size after using it for some time. Because of the material used in making such a pillow, it could look big and filled in size but it drops in size as time passes by.


The material used to make a pillow defines the quality. Pieces of foams either sliced or off-cuts from the main foam during manufacturing. If such material is coming from quality foam then the pillow will be a quality one because it will not flatten easily. Some foam manufacturers use the off-cuts of quality foams to make their pillow which in return makes their pillow to be quality.

However, some individuals can use old foam that has expired to make the pillow, such pillow will not last long before becoming flattened because the pieces of foams inside are weak already. Besides such, some individuals use unused pieces of clothes mostly off-cuts from tailors to make bed pillows, and such pillow will not last long because it flattens just a few days of using it.

This post will reveal some secrets on how you can differentiate the original pillow from the fake one. Here are things you could look out for:


Though the two may appear similar, you can actually differentiate a fake pillow from the original by simply looking at it. The original pillow is completely filled, has a very soft look, and is sealed with a company name. the name of the company that produced the pillow should be a company that is producing foam for beds as well.

Though other factors could define the original pillow, the packaging method of the pillow has a lot to do with its quality. You should pay attention to how the pillow was packaged, labels, size, and feels.



As I have mentioned earlier, the size of the pillow could define if it is original or not. Assuming the size got you confused, you should consider the shape. The original pillow comes in good shape, the perfect oval shape of the pillow, and has good strength without compression. The strength makes it last for a long time without reducing in size



The feel of the original pillow is smooth and strong while that of the fake is slightly rough and soft. You can only understand these features by touching the pillow all around. Without being in a hurry, take a good look at the pillow and touch it to know or ascertain the type of material used in making foam as well as the finishing works done inside the foam.






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