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SHOPPING: How To Identify Original Foam When Making Your Purchase


How To Identify Original Foam

Sleeping foam popularly known as the mattress has been the only technology that provides a wide range of comforts to homes.

It stands as the best and the only option for anyone truly looking for good sleep and rest though not the only option available in modern life.

Sleeping Mattress in the form of air-filled tarpaulins, Balloons, and other similar materials have been found useful and as an alternative sleeping material.

Notwithstanding, the Popular Foam made chemical industry has been the preferred choice when it comes to domestic applications. Though not good to get wet or expose to water, it offers a unique softness that others seem not to offer.

Depending on the size, foam offers beauty to homes and serves as support to other furniture at homes such as chairs and footstools. The wide range of applications of foam cannot be underrated. Hence the need to be able to identify the original one from the fake is very important.

In terms of size, smaller foams serve as temporally mattresses or foldable sleeping Mats for Camp visitors, students, and tourists. Medium sizes serve in hospital beds, school hostels’ beds, while the big sizes serve in homes and they are mostly the sizes of 12inches to 50inches and beyond.

Considering the diverse use of foams in modern life, you have a lot to gain by knowing some secrets about this multipurpose item.

In case you need details, here are what you stand to gain in knowing original foam from the fake ones:

  1. This knowledge will help you to know quality furniture anywhere you see it. Inversely, it also helps you to know furniture made with fake foams anywhere you see it.
  2. It helps you to invest wisely when making an investment in the foam marketing business.
  3. Of course, it also helps you to make the best choice for yourself when buying form for your bed.
  4. You can be able to make a better choice anytime the need arises when it comes to the selection of foams-made materials.

Now that you have known few benefits this post can offer to you, let me go ahead to explain what Fake Foam is to you as well as what original foam is, in terms, you can understand.

When it comes to foams, there are two popular types, the cheap and the costly. The difference between the cheap and the costly is quality.

While the original foam is costly, the cheap foam appears to be cheaper. However, in most cases, a novice may be offered a fake foam at the price of the quality foam and unknowingly the victim will pay for the foam thinking that it is original.


The term ‘Fake Foam’ is what foam marketers use to identify foams that have poor quality. By that I mean, foams that cannot sustain their strength of elasticity when someone lays on it. Such foam has low strength of elasticity to bear loads on it. It deflects once you seat on it and takes a longer time to rise when you stand up.

The evidence of fake foam is obvious to anyone who wants to find out. While some refer to it as ‘Soft Foam’ I use the term fake foam for it.


Original foam is a term used to define foams with high strength of elasticity. They are foams that quickly regain shape after the deflection due to load on it. While some of such foams can rarely deflect base on the load, the heavier the load the more it deflects but it still bears its original strength.

Original foam provides a high sense of comfort than fake foam.

When you press on the original foam with full force using both hands the deflection is very low and it quickly returns once you remove your hands. But once you do the same thing to fake foam, it defects higher and slowly returns to its shape.

NOTE: When the original foam gets old or expires, it can start acting like fake foam. In other words, the original foam you know could someday become old or be classified as fake foam due to a change in its elasticity behavior.

How To Identify The Original From The Fake

Considering the clear difference between the two sets of foams, you can now be able to differentiate them in any space filled with different sizes of foams. Here is a simple way to check and fish out the fake foam in their mist:

Press each foam with both hands and monitor their rising rate, the ones that have low return time is not original.

Another evidence of fake foam is the weight. Though this is not a sure way, it could serve as an alternative option. Though the strength of every foam is not hidden during the physical inspection, those of fake foam are not equally hidden and sometimes could be revealed from their lightweight.

Using the above technique you can quickly make god shopping for your foam and avoid the mistake that most people do when buying foams.


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