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Artificial Fishpond made with Tarpaulin

Running a fish pond business could be lucrative if everything is in its place. You stand a chance of making money after feeding and growing the fishes in the pond for just a couple of months. As simple as it sounds, this business has its own hurdles which could make you either succeed or fail.

Succeeding in a fish pond business means you are able to make a profit after calculating the money used in running the fish pond, the money used in buying the fish feed, and lots more. Then minus the money from the total money realized from the total fishes sold.

Artificial Fishpond made with Tarpaulin

At this point, a lot of investors will find out that only little has been gained from the expected profit because many fail to make proper calculation in the first place regarding the business.

While it is expensive to run an artificial fish pond than a natural fish pond, the latter has the risk of your fishes being stolen by people within the area. An artificial fish pond can be mounted right inside your compound.

Artificial fish pond has made it very easy for anyone to own a fish pond irrespective of location and size of space available. The idea has also helped to make fishes available for consumption especially the catfish which had been the most preferred fish for hose going into the business due to its ability to survive in harsh conditions.

The most encouraging thing is that an artificial fishpond could be set up with some facilities in your home such as a plastic water storage tank, a concrete-sealed pit, a plastic water storage drum, or even a big metallic container, etc.

However, you still have the option of purchasing an already-made artificial fish pond built with tarpaulin and reinforced with hollow steel pipes. This type of fishpond is very good if you are going into the business in a big way.

Getting an artificial fishpond built with tarpaulin is not a big deal. It is the most readily available in the market but very expensive when compared with others but it all depends on the size though.

A good example of the type of fishpond made with tarpaulin is the one below this paragraph.

Artificial Fishpond made with Tarpaulin

Artificial Fishpond made with Tarpaulin

Artificial Fishpond made with Tarpaulin


The tarpaulin fishpond was designed to carry up to 500kg of catfish at maximum capacity. It has properly reinforced support from hollow steel pipes interconnected to each other to keep the fishpond firm.

If your intention is to run a full business of catfish production business right inside your compound then consider this type of artificial fishpond. Meanwhile, you need to understand that it will require a certain level of maintenance from time to time to keep it useful all time.

Artificial Fishpond made with Tarpaulin

For instance, whenever a tarpaulin is kept carelessly rats always attack it and eat it as food or thinking there is food inside it. By doing that, the tarpaulin will get completely damaged by the rats and other rodents. This problem is very common whenever artificial fishpond made with tarpaulin are not in use for a long time.

Defining a strategy to secure the tarpaulin when not in use is more important than the plan to buy it. Therefore, you need to understand how to secure such property in case you are no longer using it.

Based on experience, rats tend to know when water is inside a tarpaulin or any flexible container of liquid. This makes the rats avoid biting on the material since the substance inside is not food.

The simplest way you can secure your tarpaulin artificial fishpond when not in use is to fill it with water to a level rats could not climb. This will help the tarpaulin to remain useful for a long time.

Do not make the mistake of folding the tarpaulin and keeping it in a place because you are not using it anymore. This will make rats eat it and possibly render it useless.

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