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Things You Need To Know About LinkedIn App

LinkedIn Social Media



Recently, I reunited with a former high school classmate. I stared at his picture , dressed responsibly. He looked professional and dapper.

I gushed at his profile on the LinkedIn App. He had garnered some degrees and skills over the years when everyone thought he had vanished from the planet.

He was the class clown and I figured he would make his mark as a stand-up comedian or in a circus. Curiously, I read the comments that poured on his page and skipped his stories.

Suffice it to say, Jon works as a senior intern at Tesla Inc. When half the folks in the precinct asked him how he got the position, he said he got the job right on the platform. Instantly I was hooked on LinkedIn.


                     WHAT IS LINKEDIN ALL ABOUT?

In contrast to Facebook and Twitter, the LinkedIn app is less polarized. The platform is a social soup of professionals, career-driven folks. It is partially nice to think of the app as a remodeled Facebook version having the fun filtered out and leaving the business savvies, tech gurus and freelancing nerds to run the show.

You might feel the odd one when you post stuff that is not work- related or shows professionalism, study or skills.

A detailed LinkedIn app review would provide a list of these skills available in the job market.

LinkedIn helps folks find the right job or internship program. It connects and strengthens work relationships and team spirit, and learns the skills you need to succeed in your career.

A complete LinkedIn profile can help you connect with opportunities by showcasing your unique professional story through experience, skills, and education.

LinkedIn Social Media

                        WHAT MAKES LINKEDIN SPECIAL?

Most people want to think the LinkedIn app is nothing more than a pool of workaholics decked in suits, talking and posting shops. Thus, they regard the LinkedIn app review as totally unnecessary.

However, it isn’t the largest career marketplace for nothing. In this light, it is far bigger than Indeed or ZipRecruiter because of the following features.

  • Merge your inactive accounts

The merge account feature is a win for people who have dormant accounts with a lot of connections getting wasted. Surprisingly, many social platforms fall short of this feature.

The reasons for an inactive LinkedIn account are largely due to oversights or after a period of inaction.


But the real issue begins when your previous contacts are still     reaching out to your inactive account or the email ID you are using to create a new LinkedIn account is associated with the dormant account. That’s when the LinkedIn merge feature comes to the rescue.

It helps to update and transfer your old connections into a new LinkedIn account. The old account is removed entirely.

  • Skill endorsements

This feature plays an important role in profile building. Hence it is imperative to endorse deserving people. Your previous employers can endorse your skill thereby making a huge impact in your profile.

If you know a person professionally, you can vouch for their skills; likewise yours by any other person.

  • Exporting contacts

This feature allows for easy export of connections to other contact management systems (CMS). This list would be compiled under information such as the name of the current company and email address.

However, they are downloadable in spreadsheet formats to make    it easy to collate before exporting.



Despite its packages, LinkedIn app is a top notch app that is relatively free. Nothing is charged when people reach out to other people to share business ideas.

Nevertheless, the premium version of LinkedIn is obtained at extra cost with the option of a free-trial. It has some features which involves connecting to high-profile people and sending In-mails to them. High-profile people are high-flyers.

Messaging these people requires one to unlock these special features even though they could see your profile.



In retrospect, the whole concept of LinkedIn is all about profile creation and building. Thus, the LinkedIn app review is not complete if it doesn’t explain away the procedures that make a competitive career profile.

That is to say, the stronger your business profile, the better your chances of maximizing the opportunities the platform brings.

With these in place, it is easy to add that fake people and imposters most often enter the platform after publishing award-winning profiles.

LinkedIn is not only the hub of great business minds but also a den of people who claim to be what they are not in reality. This they do to impress or to get high-paying jobs.

However, the pool of brilliant minds has left no room for such elements to thrive, as the employers choose whom they think is the best fit.  Others are notified that the job position has been filled.



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