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Tips For Discovering Of Quality Electric Blender During Shopping


Discovering Of Quality Electric Blender

Buying a quality electric blenders is one way of achieving the goal of the reliable blenders. The blender can last as long as it is carefully handled and used appropriately. Many people want a quality blender that could possibly blend anything blendable from soft to hard nuts, tomatoes, pepper, crayfish, melon seed, groundnut seeds, corn seed, beans, and lots more.

The question is not whether you can see a quality electric blender rather it is the question of knowing the quality one whenever you see it. If you are among those finding it difficult to identify quality blenders either in the market or anywhere else then this post will be useful to you because we will discuss on how you can identify quality blender anytime you are making such a choice.

As I stated earlier, the problem has been getting quality blenders irrespective of the cost. Many people have been deceived to buy electric blender below the quality they want even at a very high price. There are tips you can use to know if the electric blender you intend to buy is of great quality or not among other possible tips, the following are good signs of a quality electric blender:


The coil material has to do with the wire used in making the blender coil. The wire material and thickness play a vital role in determining the level of power that could be produced from the electric blender. Since the power of the electric blender will determine the work to be done by the blender, if the blender coil is of high quality definitely the power to be produced by the blender will be high.

There are two factors that ensure quality blender coil, one of the factors is the wire material and the next is the wire thickness. If the wire is made with copper wire, silver wire, the power will be higher than the ones made with aluminum wire and iron wire. If the wire thickness is higher than another the thicker wire tends to transmit more power than the rest if every other factor are equal.

In other words, if you have three blenders all made with quality copper wire but of varying wire thickness, the one with thicker wire will have higher power output.


The size of the coil is determined by the number of turns of the wire and the metal size used to make up the coil. The iron unit of the coil should be able to withstand high level of heat coming from the multiple turns of the coil wire which in return produces higher power and heat as well.

If the entire coil is big it could be a sign of higher power output. The bigger the coil size, the higher the power I will produce


The next tip you can use to determine a quality blender is the sound it produces while testing it. High-speed blenders are mostly quality blenders. The speed is a sign of high torque that can be used to drive cutting blades and slice any substance in the blender cup.

The high speed can be sensed through the sound it produces while running a test. The sound should not be a rattling loud sound rather should be a smooth and stable sound followed by a cooling fan blade sound. Because of the high heat coming from the coil of giant blenders their coil usually has a cooling fan attached beneath its coil rotor such that t produces cooling effects to the coil when the blender is in operation.


The speed of the blender is measured in rotation per minute. It is the factor that shows the level of load it can slice. The RPM (rotation per minute) can be measured when the blender is in full operation or usually stated on the specification side of the blender casing and carton. If the blender has high RPM it could mean high quality when compared to the one with low RPM.


The cutting blade is usually made with stainless steel. Quality blenders usually have stainless steel cutting/slicing blades in all their blending cups/container. The bigger and sharper the blade, the better the blender quality. A bigger blade means bigger engine power and bigger load-bearing capacity. Sometimes you can use the nature of the blade to ascertain the level of quality.

However, some benders can actually come with simple and medium size cutting blades despite having high engine power but not in all cases though.


The cup or container is the blender bucket where you pour in the items that need blending, cover the bucket and start the blender. It forms a connection to the blender engine through either gear teeth arrangement, threaded joints, or screwed ends arrangements.

Above the cup is a cover that tightly fits on the cup to avoid flying out while the blender is in operation.  The bottom of the cup carries the cutting blades that help to slice and blend any sizeable and suitable item loaded inside it.

As the blender engine starts to rotate it will transmit the power to the sliding blades and the rotation of the blades slice and blend any item loaded inside the cup.

You can determine the quality of a blender through the cup size. Big cup/bucket size means high engine power because it means if the bucket is loaded to its maximum level the cutting blades will still be able to blend the items and such could be possible only when the engine has high power.


The casing material could be plastic or stainless steel. Most blenders cups/buckets are made with plastic but the high-quality ones are made with stainless steel. The stainless steel type is few and very expensive.

Though having stainless steel cup/bucket does not mean higher engine durability but it sends a strong message of high speed and impacts force sustainability. Such blender can blend hard nuts and seeds which ordinary blender may find it difficult to blend. Items like dry beans, dry corn, dry groundnuts, etc., can easily be blended with such a blender.


If you have considered the above tips and still find it difficult to make the right choice, search for customers’ reviews online regarding the blender and read the details in the manufacturer’s specifications.

You can also use the comment section to drop your view and experience in locating a quality electric blender for personal use.

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