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What The Word ‘BLAST IT’ Could Mean For Engineering & Non-Engineering Terms

Sandblasting operation


Fancy those two-words popping up from the mouths of folks when something strange or unexpected happens to them and they discover they can’t help the situation but watch despondently? What two-words are you likely to say if your pet dog made away with your Lasagne or took a crap on your favorite chair? Blast it! Or something more obscene. More often than not, Those two words have been a swear sentence for some group of people contextually.

However, In Building, construction and Engineering, The phrase is much more benign and is associated with SANDBLASTING or ABRASIVE BLASTING. So when people need their metal surface smoothened or want to clean up a rough one, They say ‘blast it’. It is just as easy as trying to warn your friend of a falling timber.

Sandblasting is a finishing process that involves smoothening and cleaning a hard, coarse surface by impacting it with stored solid particles at high speeds stored under high-pressured air . There are basic two kinds of sandblasters: Blast Cabinets and the portable sand blasting systems . These are further sub-classified into the suction and the pressurized kinds of abrasive blasting.

Sandblasting is useful for removing paint, rust, surface burrs and residues of oxidation from ornamental materials. Sandblasting is a furnishing technique for metal work processes. It can also be used to change the condition of a metal’s or semi lustrous surface, such as  removing scratches or casting marks.

The sandblaster consists of four components namely; The air source, the cabinet, the dust container, and blasting media. The sandblasting cabinet bears the dust being blasted while the dust collector expels dust from the cabinet. Just like the setup of a garden hose connected to a water hydrant, the professional directs the hose to the surface and is ready to blast it.

Sandblasting operation

Extensively, the process has a wide range of domestic uses besides its importance in engineering and material sorting. Among these are;

  • Used to vanish household tiles, marbles and linoleum .These are found in residential homes, offices , auditoriums, swimming pools and sport arenas
  • Creating etched signs on walls and surfaces.
  • Removing oil stains from garage floors and driveways.
  • Prepares surface for coating activity
  • Eliminate mold modelling.
  • Bio treatment of ceramics


To carry out simple sandblasting, these steps are appropriate for an amateur.

  • Place item in closed place
  • Turn on the power of the device
  • Wear you safety gadgets; gloves, googles, coverall.
  • Grab the blast hose
  • Step on foot pedal and direct towards surface
  • Blow off the item
  • Inspect the equipment or surface.
  • Repeat the process if needed.
  • Remove the item.


Sandblasting operation


Clean- Corp is a by-word for your abrasive cleaning. They proffer quality services with the safest blasting media ; following procedures that are in line with NIOSH guidelines. Seated deep in the heart of Louisiana, their team of astute workmen perform services that leave their marks and are second to none. Employ their services if you:

  1. Want to get that rust and paint off your wall, tool or equipment. Make it shine again. It’s a great way to prepare a vehicle for fresh paint!
  2. Bringing in a sandblasting team like Clean Corp means your equipment will receive a professional sandblasting to remove the grease and contaminants that aren’t expunged through manual cleaning.
  3. You won’t need to worry about your surface or tool being damaged by the cleaning process or have to deal with extended time to ensure that your equipment is safe.
  4. Enjoy a speedy process depending on the size of the surface, a cleaning job that would take hours to clean manually can be done in a small time interval through sandblasting. This is particularly useful if you have a large operation or a lot of equipment that needs cleaning. Clean Corps is capable of blasting a wide variety of projects from small to large. Contact us with your project today.

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