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If you love cats and like keeping them as a pet this post will be very beneficial to you. I will be sharing some experience you can use to handle your cat without it turning against you. Yes, your Cat can possibly turn against you without giving you a warning.

Just like humans, cats have the ability to rebel against the owner but it all depends on the circumstance. For instance, when you starve your cats they tend to steal and hide anything they perceive as food from you.

Though your Cat eats cooked food, its natural existence was originally meant to consume fresh meats which makes it a carnivorous animal. Left alone to survive, a cat can survive without a human assistant if left to wander alone.

Meanwhile, while wandering alone, it goes back to its original nature of eating flesh and blood. A clear characteristic of a wide animal. This feature distinguished cats from other domestic animals.

When it wondered for a longtime feeding itself with natural fresh and blood got from rats, birds, and other vulnerable animals that comes its way, your cat will then become very difficult to control and keep at home as a domestic animal. At this stage, the cat will be rebellious if you keep it at home with intention of feeding it with cooked foods.

To keep your Cat from its natural existence, raise the Cat with cooked food and never allow it to depend or feed so much from animal flesh and blood such as rats, and other vulnerable animals. This will keep the cat from going after more fresh and blood animal thereby abandoning the home to nearby bushes in search of fresh meat to eat and the simple way to achieve it, is by giving the Cat regular divers cooked food.

The above method can save you the risk of having a Cat that can kill your livestock and hide them because they serve as the Cat food. Those breeding birds, rabbits, and lots more with such Cat at home will be recording incidents of lost livestock without a trace. The truth is that the Cat may be responsible for such an occurrence.

For a Cat that has already become carnivorous while at home, it will take serious training to restore it back to the normal lifestyle of eating cooked food. Though it is normal to lace such a cat in a cage just to secure other livestock, you still need to be careful on that choice because most Cats become even more carnivorous and rebellious after being in a cage for a long time.

The secret seems to be a petting attitude towards the Cat by providing consistent cooked foods and attention while in the cage. Though it may not be the ultimate method it will work in making the Cat adapt to the life of the domestic Cat instead of going wide.

Though carnivorous cat has some advantages to the owner such as helping to keep vulnerable animals away from home such as snakes and rats, the disadvantage of endangering other domestic animals including those of your neighbour can be the reason to discourage such lifestyle from the Cat.

Based on the above discussion, it is advisable not to cage your Cat for long without proper care and provision of cooked food, such practice makes the Cat become rebellious and carnivorous.

It is also advisable to give the Cat cooked food regular such that it does not need to depend on meat from the vulnerable animals in and within your home. Doing that can also make them kill your livestock for meat when there is no vulnerable animal to kill.




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